Saturday, May 17, 2008

We are the centre of our own universe

Out there in space there are two planets orbiting a star known as the sun these planets are Venus and Mars, and in between these two is one planet known as Earth.

On this planet there is water and land, two of these great land masses are know as Australia and South America, and in between these two is a country known as New Zealand.

New Zealand is made up of three islands (and about 20 million sheep) there is the North Island and Stewart Island and in between these two is the South Island.

Now there is sunny Nelson at the top and the bloody cold Inverggigle on the  bottom and in between these two is the education capital of New Zealand, the great city of Dunedin.

This city of Dunedin has its ups and its downs (mainly it's ups) the hills and the sea, and in between these two is the heart of the city.

In the heart of the city there are two main attractions one being the University Of Otago number one at educating the patrons of New Zealand, and who ever else wants to show up ( p.s. I want a honorary PHD for that one).
And the other is the mighty willowbank know for its midnight feeds to those of either big hunger or little balance ( p.s. I want a free feed for that one) and in between these two main attractions is a block of flats know as 31 Duke Street.

There are three flats in this block, one known as the girls flat, 6 females and some awesome food and on the otherside the boys flat, 6 males and some awesome smells, and in between these two is the geek flat.

Now this is geek city, these six boys spend more on internet than they do on power, and they are

Adam "I'm a nerd, not a geek" Murray aka Timon

Josh "The Coloured or Colourful one" Streat aka Pumbaa

Karl "I love drumsticks and I'm not a musician" Elstone aka Scar

Image not available due to Mikes Stealth Ability

Mike "The Ninja" Shirley aka Zazu 
(It only counts if we can't see you when your in the same room)

Pat "I drive gay men wild" Reed aka Rafiki


Rayd "Less talented than a Calcutta prostitute" Wilson aka Nala

As you can see they are the centre of the universe and this is their story . . .

The Little Room

Adam Here, so i recently entered "The Little Room" to find that we had a little message board running on our toilet floor. This came about because someone, not me, had left a pen in here.

We'll some one decided that it was my pen so the first one was addressed to me and the rest followed, I don't know how long this took to compile, I'm never around.

This is how they go . . . 

I wrote you a haiku

Rain drops fall from cloud

Dripping Tap in sink

urinating, feel so good.

dedication to Adam Murray


We hardly knew ye


Hey Adam Please don’t bring a filing cabinet in here,

if you cleaned you room you wouldn’t have to use this room for an office it’s kinda comfy in here


Hey Adam we have some sick flatmates dont we.

P.S. I love you


Hey Adam I like to come in here and think  about you at night. Sometimes if i press my ear to the wall I can hear you breathing softly in your sleep. Sweet dreams, ohh is this your pen?


Hi adam this is my favourite room because it is the only place where I can sit around with no pants thinking of you and not be judged for it.


Hey Adam, I love coming up here, thinking about you as warm fluid is excreted out of me.

Reminds me of your old office


Hey Adam.

Whats shaking?

Found this pen, is it yours?

I’ve heard the term oval office. but this is getting a little extreme what is next a filing cabinet

So I added some truth to this little story line

p.s. thanks for the office space guys it comes in handy when things are in a bit of a squeeze